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Become MY-X tailor for your community

We believe craft is the future. Traditional tailoring has not yet died, however it is dissapearing very fast. We believe that through innovating tradition by means of digital fabrication, we can distribute the power of the fashion system, bring mass customisation and make fashion circular and sustainable!

Become a registered My-X tailor for people in your city and help make fashion system more distributed and circular! You will become visible on the map for citizens who has designed the new pieces and are looking for ways to get them fabricated. After a small contribution to MY-X for using the software, you can become a full-time tailor - selling people the pieces you fabricate, helping them wear sustainable fashion and look amazing(!) and improve circularity in the city with minimum skills needed!

Explore spaces for digital fabrication in your city

Explore sewing stations and workshops in your city

Are you a tailor already? Are you a part of sewing workshops in your city? Tell your colleagues about MY-X, and use your sewing workshops to build clothing for people in the city while earning some money.